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5 BNU must-knows

5 BNU must-knows

I am going to let you in on some of the best (in my opinion!) BNU must-knows. These things have definitely bettered the university experience for myself and others, so here they are;

1. Bucks New Usage

Bucks New Usage is where students and staff are able to donate household items, they no longer need for others to make better use of - instead of just throwing it away and letting it go to waste. If you’re a student and still looking for some of your household items for moving into halls or your new house, you should check this place out on High Wycombe Campus. They have everything from microwaves and kettles, to bedding and towels, and the best part is, it’s all free!

Desk in bedroom at Hughenden accommodation

2. Free Transport

Campus Link - You might know that BNU has multiple campuses, one of them being Uxbridge. There is a free bus service between our High Wycombe and Uxbridge campuses, all you need is your Student ID ready to tap when you get on!

BNU Campus Link Bus

Once in Uxbridge there are great transport links to make the most of, with its tube station and TFL buses. This gives you an easy (and cheaper) access to travelling to London and surrounding areas.

The Shush Bus - This is our free minibus service travelling to and from many of our events at the SU. It runs on Wednesdays and Fridays as these are when our main night events are held. If you live in halls it will pick you up if you’re in need of a free lift into town, and on the way back it will take you wherever you need to go (not just back to halls!). This will save you plenty of money that you might have ended up spending on Ubers, and it makes your night a whole lot safer.

3. What’s On? - Free Events!

There is free entry for all students wanting to go to our Students’ Union - but this isn’t just about club nights. We also have had so many different free events. Some of my favourites have included Bingo Lingo (if you don’t know what this is, google it right away!), comedy club, open mic night, cocktail masterclass, Sunday night pub quiz and film night.

A nightclub full of students having fun

The free activities and events go a lot further than the SU building too, from free theatre tickets at Wycombe’s Swan, to individual singing lessons and free entry to adventure and theme parks. There is so much to take advantage of and enjoy, whilst still being money smart.

4. Fancy some extra income?

Through our University and Students’ Union there are a range of job opportunities available for current students, many of them providing you with useful skills for your future career.

group of freshers helpers dancing outside the gateway building

There are many paid opportunities for students which are also flexible and can fit around your personal schedule. From positions such as School Officer, Bucks Buddy, to more contracted based jobs like being a Freshers Helper or a Student Ambassador there is a versatile selection to have a look at and you can find out what suits you. I myself have been a Student Rep and am currently a Student Ambassador and can say it has been helpful by gaining extra income as well as experiences in different working environments.

5. Learning Resources

Student Learning and Achievement Centre - Depending on the degree you are studying there will be different academic demands. In regard to assignments, you may have more essays to write and presentations to do if your course has a lot of theory involved. The gap in university level work can seem alarming for people, especially when it comes to writing essays.

Two male students reading at the library

What is a reference? How do I use citations? How do I structure my work? Where do I start? At the SLA centre you can get help with all of these things, the department is there to ensure there is academic support and advice for students when they need it, they will help you with strategies for academic writing, referencing sources and what this means, essay planning and whatever else you may be struggling with.