Aleksandra Stasiak's story

Aleksandra Stasiak's story

Aleksandra Stasiak, one of our recent BA (Hons) Animation and VFX graduates, recently opened up about her experiences as a BNU student and the opportunities she has had since graduating.

My first job after graduating was Junior 3D Artist. This was my first and last interview - I was successful. My learnt knowledge around the technical skills, helped me build a portfolio.
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Now working as a Junior Technical Artist, Aleksandra landed the first job she interviewed for. Aleksandra stated that the skills and lessons she learnt with BNU are ones she uses daily in her role. As a Technical Artist the most important skill is ability to perform quality research regarding bugs, new technologies, systems or scripts. Research and problem solving are key skills that I use daily. The Industry is going into a direction where technical knowledge is a must-have’.

When asked why other students should chose to study BA (Hons) Animation and VFX at BNU, Aleksandra replied ‘BNU is the perfect place to develop skills and get industry level knowledge. The amazing staff inspire you to be the best version of yourself. It is a safe space to ask questions and be who you are!’

During her time on the course Aleksandra shared that the standard of support and teaching went above and beyond. ‘I was really happy with the quality of teaching staff during my Bucks journey. Anytime I had a problem they always were happy to help. They encouraged me to try new skills and dig deeper for answers. My teaching team inspired me to challenge myself within my limits, showed me where talent combined with certain skills can lead me and helped me understand that no matter how challenging my tasks are I should never give up.’

‘Each step during my degree was a challenge that forced me to think outside the box and collaborate with others. There was so much freedom, I could adjust my assignments to focus on my personal goals. It helped me decide about my future and tailor the uni experience to my needs.’