Amy Jordan's story

Amy Jordan's story

Amy Jordan, a 2nd year BA (Hons) Film Production student, recently shared with us how the last two years studying with BNU have been for her. Originally drawn to us due to our extensive range of creative course, Amy has excelled in her course.

“I chose to study at Buckinghamshire New University because of the creative freedom the courses allowed. I always found at secondary school and college that the arts were degraded and underfunded which led to opportunities being scarce, however that’s not the case at BNU. I can use industry standard equipment and combine my passions with my work. I am very grateful for all the opportunities I am given here.”

Recording a scene on a green screen background
A person looking at a camera whilst talking to a student in a camera tuition lesson

Even outside of her course, Amy is taking advantage of all the opportunities that come her way.

“I love the community feel about Buckinghamshire New University. I am involved in a few societies/clubs as part of the Students' Union and find that they are all so welcoming and provide the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends.”

At BNU we understand that the key to our creative courses is to get hands-on with the industry you desire to get into. That’s why we’ve made sure all our facilities and equipment up to a professional standard.

BNU offer the chance to work with industry-standard equipment, which on a creative course, is extremely important and an amazing opportunity.
Amy Jordan
A headshot of a smiling Amy Jordan, a Film student here at BNU, facing directly into the camera

"It gives students a taster of what equipment they will find in their chosen job and provides us with the skills needed in the future.”

We offer a range of benefits to our students studying creative courses, including the chance to be at the heart of the hustle and bustle of a working studio.

“I would recommend my course because the film industry is forever changing and growing. The sector is such a huge part of society and offers a whole range of jobs. Plus, some creative students can study at the BNU teaching base at Pinewood Studios, which is incredible as it is one of the biggest film studios in the UK.”