Benjamin Akpojaro's story

Benjamin Akpojaro's story

Benjamin Akpojaro - BA (Hons) Music Management Branding & Promotion

BNU alumni, Benjamin, recently shared with us his BNU story as a BA (Hons) Music Management Branding and Promotion student.

Benjamin decided BNU was the university for him after speaking to current students and reading more into what his course would offer. “I chose BNU because a few people I knew had been to the university and studied the music business course’s before me. They were all massive advocates of the course and when compared on paper with the other options for music, BNU was certainly the place to be.”

Now making waves as an A&R Manager for Reservoir Media Management, Benjamin credits his skills and knowledge to the course. “Being taught by some amazing music industry professionals with tonnes of experience to offload was one of the course’s major strengths. I was also able to network and collaborate with other creatives across the different areas of the course, this created a kind of micro industry simulation. This ecosystem encouraged us to begin nurturing the networking and social skills used every day in the real music business.”

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The courses at BNU aim to ensure once you graduate you are ready to enter your chosen industry. Like many of our Alumni, Benjamin mentions he find himself among fellow BNU graduates regularly. “I encounter so many BNU alumni in everyday working life. The BNU music management/business courses really do help produce amazing music professionals who go on to do amazing things. All of us have fond memories of our time at BNU and consider it to be a massive part of what gave us a great start to working in the music industry. The balance of a great social environment and a fantastic academic program was spot on.”

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Benjamin shared “a lot of young people dreaming about careers in music consider that dream and education to be in direct conflict with each other, I wish more people knew that courses like the one at BNU exist where they can flourish and achieve their goals.”

Like many of our students Benjamin is an advocate for BNU and the courses we offer, he advises any potential students who are looking at applying to “Just do it! The course at BNU will give you priceless, applicable knowledge on the music industry and other related things but more than that, you get to learn from industry professionals who’ve been there and done it whilst mixing in a brilliantly creative environment full of likeminded music souls, many of whom may become future allies and friends.”

Benjamin finishes by saying “I can certainly say that studying at BNU has directly contributed to me being able to work in the music business in a big way.”