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BNU based at Pinewood Studios

BNU based at Pinewood Studios

BNU based at Pinewood Studios helps give you the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge you need for your future, all whilst studying right in the heart of the famous creative hub. There has never been a better time to gain a degree in your chosen film industry related subject.
“I'm delighted that BNU has invested in our students’ learning experience and employment prospects by creating teaching facilities at the world-famous Pinewood Studios. Our students will be surrounded by leading professional companies across animation, VFX, visualization, film, TV and media production, therefore allowing our students to see excellent professional practice first-hand."
Dr Russel Stone Head of School of Creative and Digital Industries
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At Buckinghamshire New University we have a range of courses who split their time between our High Wycombe Campus and our teaching base at the renowned Pinewood Studios.


BNU courses based at Pinewood Studios

Our contacts within the Pinewood community means you will have opportunities for guest speakers with industry experts and visits from leading edge companies in Animation, Film, Media, TV, Hair and Makeup and Costume Design.


Students studying these programmes will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities across both our bases, that delivers a high quality and hands-on learning experience.

Our Pinewood teaching base is kitted out with a full Animation & VFX lab with industry standard equipment. You’ll also have access to Film, TV and Media Production facilities that put you at the heart of the UK Film and TV industry.

As well as this our specialist resources include a dedicated prosthetics lab and classrooms equipped with the latest equipment, you’ll need to kick-start you career.

Plans are in place to create a new Screen Industries Global Growth Hub, adjacent to Pinewood Studios at its Iver Heath base and include a new Pinewood Studio Experience tourist attraction, an educational training and skills hub, and a creative industries business growth hub.

The economic benefits of the proposals will see an estimated £450m of commercial investment put into the new facilities, over £200m generated for the economy, and over 3,500 new full-time jobs created. The Hub will play an important part in helping to deliver the Government’s Creative Industries Sector Deal, which is looking to continue growth of film and high-end TV to a value of £4bn per annum by 2025.


Throughout your time with us we’ll support you on the route to your chosen career. We’ll help you to develop crucial skills, encouraging you to become enterprising, employable and good leaders. We also help you find employment after graduation.

The industry is constantly evolving to meet shifting customer values and new technologies. By the time you leave, you’ll feel ready to tackle the challenges employers face.

With an impressive portfolio and sought-after skillset, you’ll be ready to work in a range of roles.

With our courses you can prepare for a range of career possibilities, such as commercials, films, games, web design, visualization artist, 3D artist, camera operator, content creator, costume developer, film illustrator, PR/marketing specialist hair and wig supervisor and so much more!

For any more information about facilities, modules, Open Days or visits to our Pinewood teaching base, please email the course leader of the programme you are interested in. You can find their details on the relevant course web page. 

Our location

BNU based at Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Slough, Iver SL0 0NH

It is important that you call before visiting, as we will not be able to see you otherwise - please call 01494 522 141.