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Bring on 2022!

Bring on 2022!

For my friends and I, (placement) is the most exciting half of our course and there’s lots of anticipation for what’s to come.



In February, I begin my first ever nursing placement. I really can’t wait to put into practise everything I’ve been learning in my skills sessions. We’ve already received our name badges and will be picking up our student nurse uniforms later this month so we’re ready to look the part.

For my friends and I, this is the most exciting half of our course and there’s lots of anticipation for what’s to come. This is what we are all training for, to work as nurses, therefore I feel so lucky that we can have so much practical learning as part of our course.

I have to keep stopping myself prematurely buying everything on the BNU Future Success website and wait until I know exactly what I need for placement. There’s literally everything you could need on there and I’ve already spent my £120 BNU future success credit!

Nursing students in a hospital simulate suite attending to dummies
Nursing students sat in a nursing ward watching a teacher
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Course Representing

I am the course rep for my nursing tutor group. The main part of this role is to collect feedback from my peers on their university experience, so it can be formally reviewed by the Students’ Union and teaching staff. I’ve found this a very rewarding way to get to know my peers and the academic staff on campus. I’m looking forward to participating in future council meetings, getting to know the other reps a bit more and hopefully making a difference for my peers in the New Year.


I’ve recently started up a society (The Uni Boob Team) with the SU, on behalf of the breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! We’re currently planning what we will be up to in 2022. The SU have been very supportive of setting up the society and made it a stress-free process. We’ve also received amazing support from the Nursing society and are looking to collaborate this year. Watch this space for some some exciting ideas. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve as a society!

The CoppaFeel! logo which shoes a hand print with the word "CoppaFeel!" in pink writing.

The big 3 0

Finally, I turn 30 in April; one of the big birthdays! For me it’s not just the age which is special; I will be beginning this decade by working towards my dream career, having met lots of wonderful new friends at university. Plus, I will be going on my first holiday in over 2 years to Sorrento with my family. My cohort will be in the thick of placement by then, so I’m sure it’ll be a much-needed break in the sun!

Bring on 2022, there’s a whole lot to look forward to. I wish you all a very happy New Year!