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Now is an exciting time to study a computing-related degree, as we are seeing technology driving and evolving the way in which we communicate, work and socialise.

The team at the Computing department cover a versatile range of topics in the degrees that we teach, areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Games Development, Software Engineering and programming are explored. Learning and practically applying such a wealth of subjects provides you with transferable skills that you can use to develop a successful career across any sector and job role. We also offer a range of postgraduate courses, including MSc Artificial IntelligenceMEng Computer Science, and MSc Cyber Security.

We help our computing graduates develop as adaptable and flexible problem solvers, who can use their understanding of computer systems, technology and software to address end user needs and business requirements, in different organisations and contexts.

Providing you with the latest, industry-standard courses is something we are dedicated to because it allows you to graduate from BNU with everything you need to take the step into employment with confidence and all the abilities needed in a competitive workplace.

Games Development
Artificial Intelligence

The computing department is made up of knowledgeable academics and specialist professionals. They use their collective experience from academia, industry and commerce to deliver inspiring, industry-relevant courses.

We are very proud of our students’ successes, after graduation BNU students have continued their journey and launched fruitful careers across various areas of computing and IT – from web design, network administration and IT support, to data analysis, software, games and app development, and teaching.

Our team of knowledgeable academics and specialist professionals use their collective experience from academia, industry and commerce to deliver inspiring, industry-relevant courses.

Students go on to use their training at BNU, and associated learning, as a springboard to realise their career aspirations across varied application areas of computing and IT – from web design, network administration and IT support, to data analysis, software, games and app development, and teaching.

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Foundation courses

Artificial Intelligence

Undergraduate courses

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Postgraduate courses

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Our class sizes are designed to give you the best educational experience; they enable you to develop close working relationships with classmates and tutors in a friendly, supportive and effective learning environment.

Course assignments reflect real-life problems to give you experiences that prepares you for work after leaving university.

Through careful choice of either a defined award or module options on a course, you can select a curriculum that matches your future career plans.

Our course portfolio changes to meet the current and future trends within employment sectors that rely on computing and IT.

Our courses are designed in line with industry requirements and specialist frameworks. Our cyber security courses, for example, are based on the principles of the IISP Information Security Skills Framework. Other courses incorporate the guidance and requirements of the British Computer Society, the professional body that represents professionals working in information technology.

We run the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy at BNU which means that students get access to materials and tools commonly used in industry.

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Industry connections


Our courses are developed in consultation with industry, professional bodies and alumni, to give our graduates the necessary technical skills, transferable skills, personal characteristics and business awareness employers are looking for.

We use applied research and technology to inform the way we deliver our courses and support students’ learning and assessment. Our aim, above all, is to design courses that reflect contemporary issues and practices in the constantly changing and developing areas of computing.

Tutors, supported by our careers service, use their project work and external networks to connect students with employers for work experience and other opportunities.

Amazon Web Services Academy Member

We partner with Amazon to run the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy at BNU, helping students gain industry-standard knowledge and skills, to further enhance their career prospects.

As part of our Cloud Computing module, students have full access to Amazon Web Services resources, materials, labs, online assessments and exam preparation materials. They can practise the technology provided by the world cloud leader, undertake a free Amazon Web Services official certification MOC exam, and get a 50% discount on Amazon Web Services (Cloud Architecture) official certification exam (if they wish to sit this). For more information, contact Dr Rafid Al-Khannak.

Our facilities


Our students get access to specialist computer suites and facilities. Cyber security students attend sessions in our dedicated networking lab for modules involving aspects of computer networks, cloud-based development or security. Games students work on high-spec computers for modelling, rendering, games development and virtual reality work.