Henne Magalhaes' story

Henne Magalhaes' story

Our BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy graduate, Henne, recently sat down and talked with us about her experience as a BNU student and how it helped prepare her for the working-world.

Originally drawn to BNU for its reputation, once Henne had viewed the course syllabus this is what sealed the deal for her. “I chose Buckinghamshire New University because it is a pioneer in sports related studies. It’s strong reputation in the field gave confidence that I would develop the crucial skills to successfully start my career.”

Although apprehensive about going to university, once at BNU, Henne settled in straight away. “As a mature student I thought I would not feel included. However, the experience was completely different, the university, the lectures and also the students made me feel very welcome which made my university journey easier.”

During her time at BNU, Henne jumped feet first into the university life, studying hard and joining many societies. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BNU. There were several things that I loved about being a student here. The variety of sports and activities offered to the students was one of the high points. Through sport I have met a wide variety of people which some have become friends that I will definitely take for life.”

two girls defending a volleyball shot over the other side of the net

Henne shared that with the support of BNU, she was able to overcome many anxieties she had about started further education. “Being a mature student I was very concerned about the big gap in study I had comparing to the other students. I thought that I was not academically prepared and would not have the knowledge compared to other peers. In addition, I was an international student which made me question myself even more in relation to my capacity to adapt to the teaching system and perform well. Although, with the support I have gained from the Learning Development Unit and also my lecturers, during my 3 years at BNU has helped me to overcome barriers that I have created for myself.”


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Now making waves as a Sport Therapist for the Buckinghamshire College Group, Henne claims that the lessons she learnt at BNU prepared her for her role today. The course was very well structured, it covers specific subjects and skills needed to perform professionally. The lecturers played a crucial role in preparing me to “The big wide world”.  Also, the university provides students with access to the most renowned scientific journals helping them to stay update with what is currently happening in the Sports Therapy field.”

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