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Interview and Audition Tips for Dance

Interview and Audition Tips for Dance

Interviews. Some people may love them but others may get an immense feeling of nervousness and anxiety. For me, the audition and interview process at Buckinghamshire New University was a very positive experience and was actually pretty fun.

The majority of the time, the auditionees join in with the current students in a masterclass. Personally, I loved this as it doesn’t feel like you have eyes on you because everyone is so emerged in the routine taught by the professional. It’s also a great way for a quick insight into the university’s classes as well as the industry itself.

Dance class

With all that said, I think some tips regarding the interview and audition process would come in great use for those applying to Bucks. Here are a quick few:

  • Be prepared – it is never a bad thing to arrive early! Make sure to bring what is needed and go over the common questions interviewers may ask.
  • Dress appropriately – if unsure on how to dress you can always email a dance tutor from the University to ask what style (if not already stated) the class will be. Just make sure to stay warm before and after the class!
  • Confidence – as a shy person myself, this can be tricky for some. The biggest tip for this is to ‘fake it till you make it’. Confidence can get you further than you may think.
  • Sell yourself – make yourself sound and look absolutely outstanding, but make sure you’re still being YOU. Show off in both the interview and audition!
  • Ask questions – this can make you look like you’re very interested in what you’re applying for and can essentially make you stand out from those who don’t ask questions.
  • Stay Positive – try not to focus on anything negative. A positive and open mind is always best in whatever situation and will make you look a lot more eager to wanting to become a student at BNU.