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The lowdown on Clearing

The lowdown on Clearing

You may hear the phrase ‘University Clearing’ a lot when looking at applying to uni. However it isn’t always clear what or who can use clearing.

Clearing opens from the 5th July and allows students a second opportunity at getting their place at university. The process, which is run by UCAS is aimed to match students to unfilled places and is useful for those students who:

  • Didn’t get the grades they needed to their firm or insurance choice
  • Want to go to a different university than where they currently have an offer
  • Currently have no offers from a university
  • Have changed their mind and decided that they do want to go to university this year
  • Would like to change the course that they applied for

The courses available through clearing are listed on UCAS’s webpage and usually the universities website from July, which provides you with enough time to search through and plan if you’re unsure about what and where you would like to study.

Organisation is everything

It’s important to make sure you are prepared ahead of clearing. You can make a list of the choices available you, and the grades they require. You will also need your UCAS number and potentially your personal statement (so you may want to recheck this and make sure it is suitable for your choices).

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Make sure to do your research

Some of the universities that you are thinking of applying for may be places that you haven’t visited so make sure that you do some research before applying - you don’t want to go to a university you can’t see yourself living at for the next 3 or 4 years!

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Results day isn’t the end

A Level results day is a whirlwind of emotions, I remember mine like it was yesterday. No matter how good or bad your results are, remember that you have made it this far and you have so many options available to you no matter what. If you need to apply for university through clearing, don’t stress, you can take some time to see your friends and talk to your teachers and family about your results and your options.

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When the clearing lines open, start calling the universities that you’ve listed. Start with your first choice and work your way down. When you’re on the phone, you may speak to clearing advisors or admissions tutors who will ask you questions (sort of like a mini interview) but they’re just trying to make sure that the course and the university is the best option for you!

If you get an offer, don’t stop calling the universities on your list as you’re able to get as many offers as possible - however you will only be able to choose one but more offers allow you to have more options in your decision making.

While it may be stressful and you may spend a lot of time on the phone (all universities will be very busy), ultimately you will receive an offer from a university. Once you have made your final decisions from the offers given to you, you’ll be able to confirm your place through UCAS. Next step? Celebrate because you have officially started the next chapter of your life - you’re off to university!

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