Policies and Strategies

Policies and Strategies

Our University strategy: Impact 2022


Download our University strategy: Impact 2022

You can watch this video which summarises Impact 2022.

Impact 2022 builds on our historic mission to transform lives through inspiring, employment- and profession-focused education, enabling people positively to impact society and their future. It calls for us to assess the value of our work through the University’s impact on students, staff, stakeholders, communities and strategic partners.

Our vision is for Buckinghamshire New University to become a University that is highly connected, permeable, student- and customer-focused, business-oriented, strategically aligned, impactful and aligned to strategic partners.

We will develop our position as an innovative, teaching-oriented University, delivering sector-leading and life-changing educational and employment outcomes for our students.

Our education will be flexible, inclusive, enquiry-based and employer-informed, and designed around the needs of our students. We will deliver research and innovation that impacts and enhances lives and society and underpins our educational offer. We will be an outwardly-focused institution, entrepreneurial in spirit, meeting our ethical and social responsibilities, expanding our reach through working together with learners, employers, the public, and strategic partners.

We will:

  • reach out to all our communities, cementing our position as Buckinghamshire’s University, and building on our civic engagement within the county, London and the South-East;
  • be a learning organisation, enabling our staff to flourish, build their expertise and professional practice, and continuously excel and improve our organisational effectiveness;
  • be financially strong ensuring our sustainability through realising efficiencies, growth, expansion, and investment; and
  • above all, be a vibrant, inclusive community that inspires learning, develops potential, widens participation and ambitiously transforms lives.

We aim for our students and staff to love being at the University, proud of an organisation that helps them to grow, to develop and to make a real difference.

We will have an excellent reputation for student experience and outcomes, our delivery as a strategic partner, and our role in building skills in our communities.

Our core priority, education, will be underpinned by clear value propositions. We will provide an education that works for all regardless of background or circumstance; provides students with skills for life, able to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century; and is ethical and sustainable, from a University that always meets its social responsibilities, to students, to staff, and to society.

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