Rachael Andrews's Story

Rachael Andrews's Story

Our third year Music Business student, Rachael, recently shared with us her BNU journey and how the last three years have been for her. Originally drawn to BNU for our friendly atmosphere and community feel, Rachael knew from the first moment that she stepped foot on campus, it was where she was meant to be. “I choose to study at BNU because the moment I stepped onto campus the first time visiting, something fit with me. I felt very welcomed by everyone - staff and students were equally friendly and helpful. High Wycombe for me was close enough to home that I could travel back if I wanted to but far enough away to be my own person. I’m so glad that I chose BNU and found my place here.”

During her studies, Rachael has had a range of opportunities in, and outside, of the classroom, with supportive lecturers helping her learn exactly what it takes to build a successful career in the music industry. “The staff here are outstanding, and they really are your backbone here while you are studying at university. I love studying at BNU because of all the opportunities that are available to me, some of which are course related which helps to add to my CV and experience. BNU are great at providing you with more than just your degree to put you in the best position once your time studying comes to an end.”

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Outside of the classroom Rachael doesn’t slow down, making the most out of ‘Big Deal’ – She even created a new society, all for free! “A lot of the activities and events that are put on by the Students Union are free – including the societies- which means that I was able to help build a brilliant community of Skaters to create a roller-skating society all for free."

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The last three years for Rachael have helped prepare her for the music industry. Guest speakers, networking opportunities and industry-knowledgeable lecturers have helped her get to a point where she is ready to delve into her future possibilities. “If you’re looking for a way into the music and entertainment industry, Music Business here at BNU is the way to go. All your teachers have the best ‘on-hands’ knowledge, giving you an advantage with all the recent changes within the industry, as well as contacts to some of the most well-known industry professionals.

Here at BNU not only do they focus you on your degree, but they get you ready for the next steps once you have graduated.”