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Short term loans

Short term loans

Short-term Loans are available to UK students who are fully enrolled on a course of study at Buckinghamshire New University and who find themselves in financial difficulty due to a delay in the first payment of their statutory student funding. The loan is designed to help you in a temporary crisis to cover the cost of food and travel to your place of study.

Please be aware if you have any outstanding debt to the University you will not be eligible to apply. This includes unpaid existing short-term loans, tuition fees, accommodation fees and library fines.

How much can I receive?


The maximum short-term loan amount is £50 or £100 for student parents or students with a disability that prevents them from working.

Loans are made on a short-term basis and are interest free. We are unable to cover your rent or tuition fees costs and loans are not intended for this purpose.

If you cannot pay your accommodation, you will need to try and arrange deferment of rent payments with the accommodation office or landlord directly, but please seek advice from the Student Union Advice Centre if you find yourself in this position.

How to apply


In the first instance, you will need to make an appointment to speak with a Student Union Welfare Advisor, the telephone number is 01494 603 016 or you can email

Before you apply, you should have maximised all other sources of generating income, including part-time work, bank overdraft and loans from family or friends.

You will need to provide a copy of your current bank statement and a copy of your Student Finance / NHS Bursary / Career Development Loan or other funding agency notification letter. If you are a student parent, please provide a copy of your child benefit letter or child tax credit entitlement letter.

When you have completed and signed your short term loan application form, which has also been signed and endorsed by a Student Union Welfare Advisor, take the form with the supporting evidence to the Student Hub Office. You can hand in your paperwork to the High Wycombe Office, located on the first floor, North Wing or the Uxbridge Office, located on the second floor help desk.

How long will it take to get my loan?


Short term loans of £50 are usually processed on the day they are received and you will be asked to come back to collect your cash at an agreed time.

Please note that any short term loan requests received after 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm on a Friday will not be processed until the next working day. So if you hand in your request at 4:05pm on a Friday, you will be asked to come back on the following Monday to collect your cash, providing that day is not a Public Holiday.

If special circumstances apply and it has been agreed by the Student Hub Manager that you can have a loan in excess of £100, payment will be made by BACS transfer into your bank account. You should allow at least five working days for the money to clear in your account.



Students must meet the following criteria in order to qualify:

  • be fully enrolled on a full-time programme at Buckinghamshire New University
  • be experiencing a delay in their student funding and provide proof of the delay if requested
  • have repaid any previous emergency loan(s) within the one month repayment period and not have gone beyond the agreed deadline at any time previously.


You will be expected to repay the short term loan, in full, within one month. You can repay your loan online or in person at the Student Hub Office at the campus where you received your loan.

If you require detailed instructions on how to make your payment, please follow these instructions.

What happens if my funding is further delayed?


If you experience further delays in receiving your payment from your student funding body and are unable to repay your short term loan, please contact the Student Hub via e-mail: or visit the Student Hub Office at the Campus where you received your loan.

You will need to inform us the day before the repayment date (at the latest) and provide evidence regarding the delay giving a new anticipated repayment date.

What happens if I forget to repay or contact the Student Hub?


We will contact you to remind you that your repayment date has passed and discuss your repayment options with you.

If you fail to take action, you will be sent a formal notification that failure to make a repayment will result in your debt being passed to our finance team and you will receive an invoice for the outstanding balance.

Failure to repay a loan will prevent a student from taking out further emergency loans and may result in further action being taken by the University to collect the money. This can include formal proceedings through a third party collection agency.

Should you have any further queries regarding your eligibility for a short term loan, please arrange an appointment to speak to a member of the SU Advice Team.