Psychosocial Interventions

Social Sciences

Social Sciences

We offer programmes in criminology and health and social science, to support students in building successful careers in the criminal justice as well as the health and social sectors.

Our modules are cutting edge, cover the latest sector issues and challenges, and are taught by research-active staff who work regularly with the outside agencies and bodies.

Many of our teaching team have moved from senior professional practice posts to share their expertise in an academic context.

Working with employers, we ensure our courses support evidence-based practice and developing a highly skilled workforce.

Alongside specialist knowledge of their chosen area, we help students develop wider research and thinking skills to enhance their employability.

Our criminology graduates go on to work in areas such as the police, prisons and probation services, government and private security. Our health and social science graduates, meanwhile, move into fields as diverse as leisure, health and social work, social policy and the voluntary sector.

Did you know?
  • We develop skills such as critical thinking and data interpretation as part of our teaching. Students learn to evaluate evidence and write reports, present reasoned arguments and make ethical judgements, all valuable skills for lots of careers.
  • Our teaching team is research active and committed to high student satisfaction within a clear underpinning theoretical framework.
  • We use different teaching and assessment strategies together with, where relevant, input from outside speakers.
  • Students also go on trips relevant to their modules and attend academic talks to further enhance their studies. Our students have benefitted from visits to academic conferences in London, the Supreme Court and Central Criminal Court in London, as well as Bullingdon Prison in Buckinghamshire.
Criminology testing equipment of table shown as evidence