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Top tips on how to pick a course

Top tips on how to pick a course

When I was in Sixth Form, I knew that I wanted to go straight to university, but I honestly had no idea what I wanted to study. There we a few things that I enjoyed in school but the big question was “are these subjects that I want to study at uni?” and “Do I want a career in this?”

So, here are a few of my top tips on how to pick the right course for you:

Lists are your friend

If you’re currently in the same position that I was, my advice to you would be to make a list of all the things that you enjoy (learning or otherwise). Against that list write down all the kinds of jobs that you could make a career out of with those subjects. The best part of this is that most university course pages will have a section detailing possible career paths with that degree. You can also do this by starting with the job that you would like in the future and then finding a degree that can help you there.

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Research, research, research

Once you have your list, do extensive research. A lot of aspects of picking the right course for you isn’t just about the degree that you get at the end. A degree isn’t just the subject it’s the university, the campus, the environment, the modules, the learning style. It’s finding all these factors that fit for you.

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So, after you have an idea of the course or area that you wish to study, go visit universities on their open days, talk to current students and talk to your potential lecturers. When I was in this position, I spent a day by myself at BNU to figure out what it would be like if I was living there. I had a tour of the campus, got to speak to other prospective students as well as current students and lecturers. I then went for a walk around the town to figure out the lifestyle and the community, went for lunch and found some hidden spots in the area. For me I found that High Wycombe and BNU suited everything I was looking for.

You’re not alone

My final tip would be try to remember that you’re not doing this by yourself.

Whether you’re currently a year 11 student looking into entry requirements for university degrees to help you pick your A Levels, a sixth form or college student looking for their next step or a mature student looking to go back into education, you are surrounded by people that can help you.

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Decision making can be difficult, especially when it will have a massive impact in your future but asking for help from parents, teachers, friends, and peers can make everything a lot easier. And sometimes having that little extra support and outside advice can go a long way.

I hope that these three top tips are helpful for finding a course that is right for you. Remember to seek out and ask for help if you’re struggling to find out all the information by yourself, and here at BNU we have a wonderful team of Digital Ambassadors who are current students and members of staff who are on hand to chat with you online whenever you need some extra help.