Tymoteusz Holysz's Story

Tymoteusz Holysz's Story

Do you want to break into the industry? Want to study a course which ticks all the boxes and be supported as you study? Tymoteusz, a BNU student, recently shared with us how his Music Business degree does exactly that.

Originally drawn to the university for the support he got at the start of his BNU journey, Tymoteusz soon decided BNU was the place for him after chatting with Lecturers and delving into the details of the course. ‘I chose to study at BNU because of great support the university provided during the application process. I also got to chat to lecturers as well as students about the life at BNU, the lectures and the opportunities that come with studying here. It just felt like the right place to be!’


Music students recording in a studio

At BNU we provide you with supportive and industry-knowledgeable lecturers, with an array of experience about the Music and Audio Sector. ‘I love the fact that all the lecturers are very easy-going, friendly people that have real experience in the music industry, tell interesting and exciting stories, provide great insight into how certain things work and most importantly are willing to help with any problem a student may encounter.’

On this course you learn relevant expertise to work in the music business. Whether you’re interested in managing artists, working for record labels or the business of songs, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to build a successful career in the music industry.

Microphone close up in Audio and Music studios

Tymoteusz shared ‘It is a perfect course for people with passion for music that want to develop their knowledge in various areas of the music industry. I, as a musician definitely recommend this course as it explains all the processes that happen before we get to hear our favourite artist’s new releases, starting with writing and making sure every copyright is in place and ending with promoting the music, collecting royalties and putting up events.’

Drum set with cymbals in audio and music studios

When asked if he had any advice for students about to start studies Tymoteusz answered ‘If I could give one advice to any student, it’s: don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more questions you ask the better for your future!’